The company choir

Corporate identification and active health promotion

The identification of your employees with your company can be increased by acting and doing together in the same context - you also get actively involved in the health care of the people who work in your company.

"The increasing digitization in the world of work, however, is leading to a reduction in spaces for personal encounters in some areas. Many companies therefore support the sporting, musical and cultural ambitions of their employees when they are practiced in company-related groups. "( Wissenschaftsjahr 2018: Arbeitswelt der Zunkunft)

In addition to company identification, as an employer you actively contribute to promoting the health of your employees. It has been scientifically proven that singing in a choir contributes to strengthening the lungs and the cardiovascular system. In addition, singing in the choir strengthens the back muscles of the employees and ensures the active reduction of stress hormones.

A choir rehearsal includes:

  • Warming-up phase
  • Breathing and voice training
  • intensive listening to one another
  • Collection of choral literature

I would be happy to send you further information on the establishment and management of the company choir in your company. Please send me an inquiry using the contact form.