Chor.LEBEN – re:mix / Folge 1 "Susan, how to found a choir?"


Podcast Chor.Leben This is where people who lead or organize extraordinary choral projects have their say. In conversation, they share their experiences and their knowledge of how a choir becomes a place of democratic experience. Katrin Hünemörder from mediale pfade, project manager of the cooperation project "re:mix - youth sings and mixes in" from mediale pfade and the German choir youth, asked the questions. In the first season of the "Chor.Leben" podcast we talk to choir founders from the TOGETHER! - Chor.Leben project of the German youth choirs, which aims to found new choirs nationwide that focus on participation and diversity. In the podcast they talk about the hurdles and the sense of achievement, about their methods and how they can also be integrated into other choir projects.


Finally singing: how it sounds at the Alte Forst school

Harburg. That was a unique experience for many, especially younger, children at the In der Alten Forst school: the fun of singing together. Corona and the choir hardly fit together, even among the adults. That's why the first and second graders have never sung as a class.

There was no school choir at all - however, the one at the Alte Forst in Harburg did not exist before either. But that could soon change: The choir truck of the German choir youth stopped at the Eißendorfer elementary school - its only one in Hamburg on its Germany tour - and the truck crew infected the students with the desire to sing. (...)

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Honors for longtime singers of Cantus/Eintracht

(...) The fact that the choir continues to stick together despite a series of canceled rehearsals due to the pandemic and enjoys singing the art songs is closely related to the competent and dedicated direction of Susan Lahesalu, who has lovingly ensured for five years that almost always the right tone is struck, says Dirk Zachger. Hopeful looking into the future, where, among other things, a summer concert, possibly with the participation of other choirs or ensembles, is to be planned. (...)

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140 years of the HaBo Choir: New singers are welcome

(...) The search for a new choir director came to an end with Susan Lahesalu. (...)

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Interview Radio Bremen

Susan Lahesalu in an interview with Wolfgang Stapefeld (Radio Bremen):

Susan Lahesalu comes from Estonia, where she worked as a choir director and founded various choirs. She now lives in Hamburg and, as a music manager, knows the administrative side of choir work. In an interview, she talks about it and whether it played a role in her job that she is a woman.

Choir helpers workshop of the Hamburg Choir Association

Susan As a speaker and as a Music Board Member at the office of the Hamburg Choir Association, Susan Lahesalu was jointly responible for the organization and implemantation of the choir helpers workshop:

At the end of the choir assistant course, the participants and lecturers were filled with joy and pride. All participants, four choir singers and three female choir singers, showed what they had learned in the exam for choir helpers (e-course) and at the end  received the certificate after passing the exam (Seite 10)

Takeover of the Cantus Eintracht Choir

Susan Lahesalu sets the pace, headlines the Bergedorfer Zeitung

Head of the office: Hamburg Choir Association

New Presidium in the Hamburg Choir Association: Susan Lahesalu is the head of the office and Member of the music board.